Is your roof strong enough to hold Santa and his sleigh?

It’s not too long before Santa will be arriving at our homes to deliver joy and presents on Christmas Eve. But before he arrives, you may want to make sure that your roof is strong enough to hold Santa, his sleigh and all of his reindeer. Not only do you have Christmas cheer to worry about, but you should also be thinking about other things this time of year, like snow, ice, or precipitation. In more northern climates, it’s common for snow and ice to build up on roofs and cause a lot of problems. Roof strength issues can be prevalent in Virginia as well. Let’s take a look at some things to think about regarding the condition of your roof and its structural integrity.

Santa and his reindeer flying to a house on a snowy Christmas Eve

Signs of Roof Damage

There are a number of signs that you can watch out for that indicate that your roof may already have damage. Keep in mind, there are certain situations that warrant a professional getting up on your roof to perform an inspection, but here are some things you can look for.

-Missing Shingles-

From the ground, look up at your roof from different angles and see if you can spot any missing shingles. It’s common for shingles to come off when there are strong winds. Age can result in this happening more often. As your roof gets older, the shingles can start to break down and become compromised. It’s also important that your roof was installed correctly. If it wasn’t, shingles can be loose to start with and be more prone to blowing off.

-Damaged Flashing-

The flashing on your roof is located around different areas where there are exposed joints, like around your chimney or vent pipes. Flashing provides insulation so moisture can’t seep into your home. If you see these areas flapping around, they look loose, or they appear damaged, it’s not that difficult for a professional to come in and replace flashing.

– Leaks and Water Damage-

If you see that there are water spots or leaks appearing on your ceiling (link to: ) inside, that moisture is coming from somewhere and it may very well be your roof. Of course, there may be a pipe above your ceiling that is leaking, but most construction companies don’t build homes that way. Most of your pipes will be within the walls or in the ceiling of your basement, so water spots on your ceiling are cause for concern for your roof.

-Moss Growth-

If your roof isn’t properly maintained, it can grow moss or algae on its surface. If you don’t have this issue addressed, the moss can eventually eat away at your shingles until they’re compromised from a structural standpoint. It’s not a difficult concern to address, but you want to look into it early on.

Brown water stain on ceiling caused by a damaged roof

Strong Winds

Strong winds can cause your roof to become damaged, but this is also a scenario where you could end up with debris on top of your roof. If this debris is very heavy, like a large tree branch, you could be looking at some hefty damage. Don’t try to remove anything from your roof by going up there yourself. Allow a professional to safely clean off your roof. If you’ve gotten snow, you don’t want too much to pile up on your roof. It’s especially important to have your roof cleaned off if you have a very flat roof where snow doesn’t have anywhere to go. You can purchase a roof rake to help you remove the snow safely from the ground, but this might not always work if you have a large amount of snow or it’s extremely dense and heavy. It’s safest to call in a professional for this job.

Slate roof tile detached from the roof of a house

Leaving Your Roof Vulnerable

If you don’t keep up with regular roof maintenance and repairs, you’re leaving your roof vulnerable. You’re also leaving your home vulnerable to a lot of damage when your roof isn’t doing its job. If you notice that something isn’t quite right with your roof, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals to figure out what’s going on. You certainly don’t want Santa and his reindeer to fall through your ceiling this Christmas. After all, they’re supposed to make their way down your chimney. It’s also inevitable that there is going to be inclement weather now and again that can be dangerous to your home if your roof isn’t in good shape. Something like a hail storm, winds, sleet, and even heavy rain can be devastating to an already damaged roof.

Moss growing on roof shingles

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