Is Your Roof Starting to Collapse?

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A sagging roof is obviously a serious issue. But without a professional's opinion, it can be difficult to understand why the roof is collapsing and what you should do about it. For prompt and professional roof repairs in Richmond, VA, trust the pros at Hammersmith Roofing & Construction We'll get right to the bottom of your roofing problem and suggest the best solution to get it fixed.

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3 common reasons your roof might be sagging

3 common reasons your roof might be sagging

When a roof is first installed, it should be as straight as an arrow. But over time, several different factors can lead to a sagging roofline. Some of the most common culprits include:

  1. Water damage: Rotting wood can become seriously weak, causing your entire roof to sag.
  2. Extra weight: A roof isn't usually designed to hold a ton of extra weight. Snow or ice accumulating on top can cause it to buckle.
  3. Poor construction: If your roof joints or rafters aren't properly constructed, your roof can start to sag more easily over time.

If you notice your roof starting to sag, you should call a licensed professional ASAP for help. We'll inspect your entire roofing system, provide an estimate and then get right to work.